The Truth About Furnace & Air Conditioner Brands

The Truth About Furnace & AC Brands

Not so different after all?

Basic Furnace Maintenance

Not so different after all?

Trane, American Standard.

Lennox, Armstrong.

Carrier, Bryant.

Goodman, Amana.

Rheem, Ruud.

Maytag, Frigidaire.

York, Luxaire.

Underneath these umbrellas of brands there are about 50 more, such as Concord, Runtru, Ameristar, Ducane, Franklin, Weatherking, Guardian, Coleman and Heil to name a few.

The Truth

All HVAC manufacturers have to maintain a certain efficiency, such as 96% for gas fired furnaces.

Every brand has a two-stage variable speed furnace.

Every brand operates the same in this efficiency.

All HVAC manufacturers have a 16 SEER Air conditioner.

They operate the same.

As far as differences go, they all have different ways of getting to that efficiency, which effects the longevity of the equipment.

How they are built can also affect how long your Furnace or Air Conditioner unit will last by about 20%.

How It’s Installed

The installation of your furnace or air conditioner affects how long a unit will last far more than the brand.

Is your installer:

  • Testing gas pressure
  • Taking temperature differences
  • Sizing your equipment properly
  • Ensuring all sheet metal is sealed
  • Properly charging your air conditioner unit

There’s much more to installing new HVAC equipment, but picking your HVAC contractor is what is important.

Our Recommendations

Here is our list of preferred brands based off of how they are built.

1. Armstrong

From our experience in the field we have the least amount of failures from Armstrong equipment. They are constantly rated the most reliable among contractors and homeowners. The downside to this brand is, yes, they are very expensive. You can expect to pay around $500 to $1000 more compared to other bargain brands.

2. Concord

This is our value line of units, which are also under the same umbrella as Lennox. The cost differences comes from some missing features such as a stainless-steel heat exchanger and insulation in the cabinet to reduce noise for the furnaces. There are not that many models to pick from as well.


When it come to picking a brand for your new HVAC unit, things can get overwhelming quickly. We hope this quick guide on why the brand of your furnace or air conditioner might not actually matter that much was helpful in giving you some direction. If you have any questions about HVAC brands, please reach out!

Or if you’re ready for a new furnace or air conditioner and are living in southeastern Wisconsin, give our HVAC installation company in Waukesha a call today!

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