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AC Tune-Up in Waukesha, WI

During the winter and early spring months, most people are not even thinking about their air conditioning system. However, when the first day of warm weather hits, they will expect their system to cool their home. Unfortunately, without the proper care and an AC Tune UP in Waukesha, WI, their system may not work as well as it did the year before.
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Professional AC Services in Waukesha, WI

When the hot summer months are in full swing, it is important for a home’s AC to provide the needed cooling to provide a comfortable environment for homeowners. Professional technicians are available to help ensure the home’s system is ready to provide the service homeowners need.

At On Time Heating & Cooling, our technicians are trained and experienced in providing professional service for almost any type of AC. From AC tune-up services to regular repairs, our team can ensure a home stays cool and comfortable all year long.

What is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

To understand what is an AC tune-up, consider the care provided to a car. Most people understand that their vehicle needs a tune-up from time to time. This service helps ensure the car performs as it should and helps prevent breakdowns. Similar to a vehicle, the home’s AC also needs a regular tune-up to keep it running properly throughout the summer months.

An AC tune-up in Waukesha, WI, is a necessary process to keep the home’s AC working as it should. This service should be performed each year before the unit is to be used regularly. The best time for this service is in the spring before it gets too hot outside.
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What Happens During an AC Tune-Up?

When the technician arrives at the home for the AC tune-up, there is a series of tasks they will perform to ensure the system is ready for the summer. The entirety of this process describes what is an AC tune-up. Each step is vital in ensuring the proper functionality and efficiency of the unit.

The first step in this process is a cleaning of the system. The technician will clear away any dust and debris from the interior unit, both outside and inside the housing. The technician will also remove any dust and debris that has accumulated on the external unit of the AC.

The technician will also clean the condenser coils to ensure there is proper airflow to cool the refrigerant. The condensate pan will also be cleaned thoroughly. Any corrosion or dust will be removed from the various parts, and any filters will be cleaned or replaced as needed.

The next step in the process is to inspect the entirety of the unit. All connectors will be inspected to ensure proper connection. The refrigerant level will also be checked and refilled as necessary. The technician will also check to ensure there are no refrigerant leaks as well.

During the inspection, the technician will check all moving parts of the system and apply any necessary lubricant. Any worn belts or other parts will be replaced during this time. The thermostat will also be calibrated to ensure it is turning on and off the system as it should.

During the AC tune-up, the system will be turned on and evaluated to ensure it is running properly and efficiently. During the home AC tune-up, if any problems are found, the homeowner will be informed of the needed solution and repairs will be scheduled as necessary.
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Benefits of Regular Maintenance and a Tune-up

There are many benefits of AC tune-up services. Ensuring that the air conditioner tune-up is performed each year will provide many benefits for the system, the homeowner, and their budget. The air conditioning tune-up ensures that the system is ready to perform during the entirety of the summer every year it is performed.

The main benefit of an air conditioning tune-up is comfort. If the system is not performing as it should or breaks down during the summer months, then homeowners cannot get the comfortable environment they need in their homes. A local AC tune-up helps to catch problems early to allow time for repairs before the unit will be needed. This alone helps prevent the possibility of a breakdown on a hot day.

The air conditioning tune-up also helps to improve air quality in the home. During the air conditioner tune-up, the technician cleans away dirt and debris from the unit and clears the filters. This cleaning prevents dust and debris from blowing throughout the home.

The local AC tune-up also saves homeowners money by reducing the energy consumption of the AC. If the AC is running properly and efficiently, then it uses less energy throughout the summer months. This efficiency will lower energy bills and save homeowners significantly.

The home AC tune-up also extends the lifetime of the AC. Proper care and cleaning of the system prevent the unit from running too hard. This smooth operation helps prevent wear and tear on the unit. Less wear on the system will help ensure it continues to run properly and efficiently throughout its life expectancy.

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If it is time for your home’s AC tune-up, give On Time Heating & Cooling a call. Our technicians will schedule an appointment to get the home’s air conditioning system ready for the hot summer months.
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